We've got a new look!


 AromaCure has a great new look! We loved our old label, but felt it was time for an intentional facelift, and a few other healthy modifications —


  • responsibly-sourced, natural ingredients; 
  • fresh, handmade products, with no added preservatives; 
  • personal attention to each individual order...

Now with

  • free domestic shipping;
  • gorgeous new smudge-proof, waterproof labels;
  • new containers as recyclable and #plasticfree as we can be!

Oils by AromaCure 

Let’s face it.  Today’s lifestyles are stressful and demanding.  Every aspect of your health— physical, mental and emotional— is under pressure to perform, at a quicker pace and in more ‘news feeds’ than ever before. 

Our award-winning blends are freshly made to order, combining various healing essential oils to not only help you manage stress-related issues, but overcome them. 


Why do essential oil blends work?

Essential oils are dynamic liquids with a ‘life force’ or healing potential.  When massaged into the body they quickly and easily diffuse through the skin layers and penetrate the walls of the blood vessels, entering the circulation.

Although they only stay in the body for 3 or 4 hours, they start off a healing process which may last for days or weeks.  Bottom line— they get in there, and they work.